New Cyber Squadron Justion Blue Swan


The lone female warrior Blues One was sent to the lonely battle days for the companion who became the sacrifice of Esther Zara … On the other hand, Unclimb was pushed by the onslaught of Blues One who was not afraid of death, but Pink Cat He succeeded in analyzing White Bunny’s data and developed a way to negate the ability of Blues One. During the confrontation between Bruce Swan and Esther Zara’s fate, her cyber suit hurt her flesh. “Anti-Justion wave” is released from the mechanical monster Louder! Bruce Swan will unleash her transformation, but the unprotected Bruce Swan, Mikado, will be attacked mercilessly by Esther Zara, and her lips will inhale life extract and Justion Energy … kinky, crazy homosexuality Blues One, who is swaying and humiliating Zara, defeats Esther Zara at the best chance, and when he tries to destroy himself and destroy Demon Castle, Unclaimed Emperor Gaillas appears! In the battle so far, the tattered blue swan has been raped and raped without being allowed to die …

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